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Father Abbot Maurice Bitz












Brothers and friends, "LIVE TOGETHER IN FRATERNITY"

When you entered our website, we greeted you, saying: "Come and see." "We are here with you and for you.
" Welcome!
We have opened a way for us to communicate, thus making it possible for you to get closer to our community.
You have visited this site in numbers. We thank you. You have thus motivated us to forge on and to revitalize this site.
What of our vocation would you like us to present? What is there to know about a community of Canons? Why do we live in community? What should we describe first? Let us look at the Rule of Saint Augustine according to which we live.
Above all, charity: love of God and love of neighbor.
The Friars have come to the monastery to live "in unum", "one heart, one soul, in unity".
Through our life as a community, we offer you a chance to discover "how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity," as the psalmist chanted (Psalm 132).
This psalm carries a cry that flows throughout Scripture, St. Augustine said, and he affirms that it is this psalm that gave birth to monasteries, places where unison lives.
This is what guided St. Augustine when he assembled his brother in religion, suggesting that they live together as one, in unity, in one house.
We do not pretend that we can achieve this unity on our own. It is a gift from on high, a grace, and we have to work to achieve it in practice.
"Make the Church the home and the school of communion : such is the great challenge presented to us in the millenium that is beginning, if we want to be faithful to God's plan and to respond to the profound expectations of the world." (John Paul II, "A l'aube du IIIe millénaire")
"A spirituality of communion, that is, the ability to be attentive to one's brother in faith, considering him as one of ours, in the profound unity of the Mystical Body", so as to share their joys and their sufferings, to understand their wishes and to respond to their needs, to offer them a true and deep friendship" (ibidem).
May this site, "Abbaye-Champagne", enlarge this fraternity, extend it, make it advance far and wide -- always.

Père Abbé Maurice Bitz
Abbé général de la congrégation de saint Victor.
[Abbot General of the Congregation of St. Victor]